​​​Statement of Mission:

Recognizing the need for a non-profit organization that would engage in fostering the unity
of people of African origin in Central New York and beyond, a group concerned individuals in
Syracuse came together and formed PACCNY. The term “people of African origin” includes
Africa-American, African-Caribbean and other African diasporan communities. A non-profit
organization, PACCNY seeks to create a platform for the promotion of debate, ideas, and
activities that strengthen the historical bonds that have united people of African origin on the
continent and in the Diaspora through years of political, cultural, and economic struggles against
dehumanization by slavery, imperialism, colonialism and neocolonialism. It seeks to provide
space for an agenda that promotes and celebrates the efforts of people of African origin towards
self-assertion, human dignity and self-determination. Internationalist in vision, PACCNY also
seeks to engage in activities that promote understanding among all global communities,
especially those who suffer from oppressive structures and systems.

Organizational Objectives:

  • To bring together people of African origin in Syracuse and Central New York with a

         view to enhancing unity and co-operation among/between them.

  • To foster activities that help people of African origin in Syracuse and Central New York

         enhance their educational, socio-cultural and economic goals.

  • To provide a platform for the exploration of the connections that bond people of African

         origin, historically, politically, and culturally in an attempt to create bridges of understanding
         between them.

  • To promote the interest of people of African origin in Syracuse, Central New York, New

         York, USA, and around the world.

  • To initiate and host cultural activities that imprint a strong, dignified presence of people

         of African origin in celebration of a historical heritage of resistance and struggle.

  • To support fund raising efforts as means of financing the activities of PACCNY.

2020 Executive Committee Members

Charles Anderson - President

Mĩcere Gĩthae Mũgo - Vice President
Makini Roy-Campbell - Secretary

Open - Assistant Secretary
Mark Muthumbi - Treasurer
Sol Salahou - Assistant Treasurer

Dithole wa Thebe -Public Relations Officer
Horace Campbell - Assistant Public Relations Officer
Farouk Mohammed - Member-at-Large
Hdayatu Salawu - Member-at-Large
Mũmbi wa Mũgo - Member-at-Large

      Pan African Community of

      Central New York