About Us 

PACCNY seeks to create a platform for the promotion of debate, ideas, and activities that strengthen the historical bonds that have united people of African origin on the continent and in the Diaspora through years of political, cultural, and economic struggles against dehumanization by slavery, imperialism, colonialism and neocolonialism. It seeks to provide space for an agenda that promotes and celebrates the efforts of people of African origin towards self-assertion, human dignity and self-determination. Internationalist in vision, PACCNY also seeks to engage in activities that promote understanding among all global communities, especially those who suffer from oppressive structures and systems.

Pan African Community of Central New York (PACCNY)


                                                Past President (January 2022 - June 2023)

                                                The Late Micere Githae Mugo


​                                                Acting President

                                               Charles Anderson

                                               Acting Vice President

                                               Livingstone Mukasa



                                              Mumbi wa Mugo

                                             Assistant Secretary

                                             Zaline Makini Roy-Campbell


​                                            Treasurer 

                                            Kofi Addai

                                           Assistant Treasurer

                                           Mark Muthumbi


                                          Public Relations Officer

                                          Raymond Francis


                                          Assistant Public Relations Officer



                                         Aimee Beatrice Shukuru


                                         Sol Salahou